7:00 PM19:00

"Is Good Taste Teachable? Developing a Quality Instinct"

The 2018 Ladd Lecture

Affluent collectors hire art advisors to prevent mistakes when spending millions. But hobbyists have always developed expertise without paying a tutor, and so can art lovers. In this talk, author and art world veteran Maxwell Anderson will share his techniques when evaluating fine art and design, and how they guided him during an eight-month quest to acquire what would become the world's most expensive work of art, Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi.

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2:00 PM14:00

Rethinking 'Taughtologies' in Artistic Practice

Post-Dubuffet: Self-Taught Art in the Twenty-First Century

American Folk Art Museum

2 Lincoln Square

New York, NY 10023

In a world exponentially altered by technology and its far-reaching effects on community structures, social relationships, and educational systems, is self-taught art being radically revised in the twenty-first century? Who are the art brut artists of tomorrow?
Curators, scholars, and artist come together in this symposium to examine the current state of the field. Speakers will include Maxwell L. Anderson, Edward M. Gómez, Massimiliano Gioni, Jane Kallir, Randall Morris, Barbara Safarova, George Widener, and Valérie Rousseau, symposium chair and curator at the American Folk Art Museum.
The program, supported by the Council for the Study of Self-Taught Art and Art Brut, will be followed by a reception and book launch of The Hidden Art: 20th & 21st Century Self-Taught Artists from the Audrey B. Heckler Collection (New York: Skira Rizzoli/American Folk Art Museum, 2017).

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to Jun 23

New Cities Summit 2016: The Age of Urban Tech, Montreal

A welcome and powerful wave of urban innovation is about to take us beyond the smart city to a new era that we call Urban Tech. Everywhere, entrepreneurs and innovators are tapping into the immense power of technology to solve concrete and pressing challenges in cities. This age of Urban Tech is open and nimble and ensures that the cities of our future are built to empower people, not just technology.

At a time when cities matter more than ever, Urban Tech has the potential to profoundly transform our cities and the world for the better.

The 2016 edition of the New Cities Summit brings together Urban Tech leaders from around the world. Montréal’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, animated public spaces and unmatched cultural scene make it the perfect backdrop for our global conversation on the challenges, opportunities and best practices of the cities of the future.

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